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HoboTraveler.com Needs People to Interview

2008-10-24 18:31:00

HoboTraveler.com Needs Travelers to Interview
I have found a way record a telephone call between me and other travelers. I need interesting travelers to interview over the phone.

Is this you, or do you know a truly interesting Traveler?

Bangkok, Thailand
Saturday, October 25, 2008
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I would the interview on this Blog, people would also be able to watch on YouTube.com or download. I plan to put ten-minute interviews on the blog and a longer voice download would be available to download by readers. There would be photos or short videos included, so the readers could see the person.

If you wish to be interviewed, have something of value to say to the world about travel, I am looking for subject for this Beta Interview project.

Go to this link and explain to me why you wish to be interviewed, or write to tell me how to contact a person who you wish for me to interview.

This could be fun, Thanks

Contact Andy

HoboTraveler.com Needs People to Interview

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