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Hobo Predicts Monday Stock Market Drop

2008-10-06 16:58:00

Hobo Predicts Monday Stock Market Drop

“I now suspect on Monday stocks will go down as the institutional investors try to dump their losers to the small investors.”

- Andy of HoboTraveler.com on post. Saturday October 4, 20008
Turning Fortunes into Shoestrings

Do not ignore this drop yesterday, the Dow Jones was the lucky one, some other world markets dropped as high as 9 percent, trillions of dollars of savings was devalued.

Fukuoka, Japan
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
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I highly doubt many of you read this post because the word “Hobo” leads the majority to not take me serious. However, I believe the major institutional owners of equities are going to slowly drive the market down and will continue to dump stock anytime there is good news hoping the small investors buy while they sell.

North/Latin America

DOW JONES -3.58%
S&P 500 -3.85%
NASDAQ -4.34%
MEXICO -5.40%

Europe/Africa/Middle East

DJ EURO -7.86%
FTSE 100 -7.85%
CAC 40 -9.04%
DAX INDEX -7.07%
IBEX 35 -6.06%
S&P/MIB -8.24%
AEX -9.14%

This data is time sensitive, however as of 7:41 Japan time it was on this link:

What shall we do, there is no good solution, all the solutions are bad, if you hold onto our stocks, then you will probably ride it down. If you do sell, it will just increase the drop. If I had stocks, I would sell them before the market drops further to protect my principal.

The decisive factor is both the value of real estate and the equities market in the USA and most of the world is 15-30 percent priced too high for their true inherent values. There will be a correction in the market.

I am not so concerned about the stock market, however this drop in the value of real estate will be devastating to the average American who in a moment of greed purchase a bigger house than they could afford, sold to them by a greedy real estate broker, built by a greedy home builder who was helped to get this financed by a greedy mortgage finance company funded by greedy stock investors, who were not stopped by greedy politicians who did not want to stop these big companies that fund their election campaigns.

I have had many bad things in my life, and I thank the good Gods I have learned from my mistakes and I am not involved enough in this situation to cause me problems.

Hobo Predicts Monday Stock Market Drop

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