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Exchanging Emails in Hostel

2008-10-01 14:13:00

Exchanging Emails in Hostel
I have been exchanging emails with many people in the last few weeks, now that so many Hostels have free internet this has become easier.

However, people exchange emails and it means almost nothing, here is a funny technique I use to cull out the slackers.

Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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A person wants to exchange emails, we walk over to a computer, I open my Yahoo mail account, I start to compose an email. I then ask them to type in their email so there are no mistakes, after they do so, I compose a letter or email something like this,

Subject: Andy from Seoul Backpackers Hostel
(or -- Their name, people need good subject lines or they just delete, their name is the only thing they know well.)

“Hello Person,

This is Andy we met in the Seoul Backpackers; please respond so I know this email works correctly.



Too funny for words, only about 1 in 10 ever reply, so in a way there is little reason to exchange emails, I do so because the people who reply are genuinely good people, and sometimes what I thought was a good person and my friend is really a self-center lout.

The better friends are one who feels an obligation to reply to emails as good manners.

Exchanging Emails in Hostel

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