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Enjoying Life in Thailand

2008-10-24 17:04:00

Enjoying Life in Thailand
I can feel the turmoil in the USA, because I still have enough friends in the USA to keep me aware.

I say at the end of newsletters,
“Time to plan your escape.”

I believe the majority of readers generally misunderstand this comment; I mean to say you are in this box, that is inside your brain; it is time you planned your escape.

You do not need to travel or go on a trip or vacation to escape.

I have escaped the Western Culture, as the Beatles sang in a song,
“I have left the West behind.”

Bangkok, Thailand
Saturday, October 25, 2008
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Affluence, wealth and money are power, and sadly, power is normally abused, the temptations increase and the craziness and confusion increases.

Mahatma Ghandi said something like
“We are rich by the things we do not need to live.”

The less you have, the richer you are.

My personally adopted mentor Henry David Thoreau said,
“Simplify, simplify.”

Here is a real story that happened the other day to enlighten you on how to simplify your life.

I went with my good friend this Thailand girl to a pizza restaurant called, “The Pizza Company.” It is embedded inside the tourist bubble of Khao San Road and is preying in the naïve nature of Tourist. We both know it is over-priced for Thailand, however, for us it a treat, for many it is what they feel is a normal restaurant, but really is not normal for Thailand.

We walked into a restaurant we have been inside this one many timea, we sat down and opened the Menu. I study, she studied it, I said,
“This menu is new.”

I am a whiz at math, I mean I am incredibly good at math, I looked at her and said,
“I think the price of a Pepperoni Pizza went up 100 Baht,” this is about three dollars in USA money.

They had terms like “Pizza Max,” Pizza this, and pizza that. The prices were not under the photos, the prices were separated, and we both were confused. There was no way to choose a Pizza and know what you were going to get and the cost without asking many questions for he Waitress. This is not possible, the waitress does not speak English and the Thailand culture does not encourage questions.

I am also a marketer, I said,
“This is confusing you until you just give up and buy marketing.”

I finally said,
“This is more expensive than the USA.”
I laughed and said, “Let’s go to another place to eat,” we left and went an ate two plates of Chicken Fried rice and a bottle of water for 70 Baht, saving us 430 Baht.

She said,
“I am happy, I like it when you make these decisions.”

The point is this, nobody in life should ever be confused, and every person on the planet is smart enough to purchase food in a restaurant. There is not even a need for words, just show pictures and put the prices below the photos, that is all that is needed. The Pizza Company has many photos; however, this company truly wishes to confuse you until you give up and just buy.

The world has become confusing, my world is very simple, and it has nothing to do with travel. It is because when I start to get confused I leave, I know the whole world had a right to clarity, we have a right to a simple life, and we are entitled to be happy.

Serenity and happiness is clarity, and confusion is the devils only friend.

Pizza Company has gone too far, I will never go there again, they have overstepped "the good of life" with their marketing, it is no longer enjoyable to eat there.

I have escaped.

If you walk into an over complicated and confusing situation today, just say,
“Hobo says I am smart, excuse me while I escape.”

Enjoying Life in Thailand

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