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Daypack Versus Traveler Pack Priorities

Daypack Versus Traveler Pack Priorities
I walked one-half kilometer back to my Hotel yesterday in a heavy downpour of rain in Thailand. The daypack in the photos below got wet, even though I was using an umbrella.

Bangkok, Thailand
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
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I use this daypack to carry my camera, batteries, computer, passport and other documents and other daily needs; this is my high priority bag when I am in transit between cities and Hotels.

I woke up today, put on a wet bag and took off for my daily walk, it was a little uncomfortable, and the daypack was still a little damp. It did not dry off well in the room overnight.

Walking back, I thought to myself,
“My priorities are a little skewed.”

I carry this daypack about two hours per day, it allows me to have my camera with me and many small items, I can purchase food at the without needing to kill a few turtle by using plastic bags.

-- I move about once every 10 days with my big Traveler Bag
-- Traveler Bag used about 6 hours per month.
-- Daypack used about 60 hours per month.

I use my daypack 54 hours more per month.

I have had many types of daypacks, I have to admit I enjoy the comfortable one I presently own. I purchased it as a computer bag at Panthip, however I use as a daypack, it is perfect. In many way I feel I should recommend people to take great care in buying their daypack than their traveler packs.

I can easily travel for one week with this small daypack, when I leave my major luggage in storage and do the spider method of travel.

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