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Cookie Cutter Websites are Destroying Mine

2008-10-23 18:49:00

Cookie Cutter Websites are Destroying Mine
Uncle, Uncle, I am crying

I give up; the Cookie Cutter Websites made by Content Management Systems are kicking my butt.

Bangkok, Thailand
Friday, October 24, 2008
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This is a photo of a cookie cutter, a truly great idea, and this reminds me of my Grandmothers and Mothers Oatmeal, Molasses or Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I was a Real Estate Broker, and I used to complain,
“Why would a person pay 300,000 dollars for a “Cookie Cutter House?”

I would say there is nothing custom about these house, just taking the same blueprint and flipping it around, upside down and plopping the Cookie Cutter House onto a lot, add a price tag, and the developer and home builder gets rich.

Welcome to the world of “Cookie Cutter Websites.”

Here is a graphic of a “Cookie Cutter” design we are making for HoboHideOut.com.

What is a “Cookie Cutter” design?
It is a design that is marked by lack of originality or distinction

“Hmm, are you insulting your own site Andy?”

Yes and no, this is a standard type layout for the majority of websites on the internet. That is the “Cookie Cutter” design aspect of the site.

What is kicking my butt is this, people are like drone bees at work on the internet, as they surf onto and off sites. However, the also are butterflies in nature. They light down on an internet page, look and like all butterfly any small wind or disturbance makes them flutter away.

The bees must see the standard formats for internet pages, they are drone bees, they are looking for the exact same flower. When they do not see the standard formats, they are mentally disturbed, they feel uncomfortable, they get agitated and they leave the site…


I will pick on blogger.com, it is an online Content Management System of sorts, you can choose a template, choose a few changes, and then you have a website. It manages your content in cookie cutter design mode. You make the template one time and you it will manage the content you feed into it system, it is a system to manage your content.

I am not going to go into more detail, people will just try to prove that some opinion I said was incorrect.

Wikipedia.com is a Content Management System in a way, it is predictable, it allows readers to learn their system and they can move around at ease and know what to expect.

I give up, we have to give some standardized view of pages, I cannot be the ragged Hobo of former days. The internet is changing so fast, I need to get a standardized “Cookie Cutter” design view of my sites or be totally ignored by the “Butterflies” “Mariposa” and “Bargirls” of the planet.

To be player, we need this look, the “Cookie Cutter” design gives, but not the CMS.

I am laughing, HoboTraveler.com has about 250,000 hits YESTERDAY or about 9000 unique visitors, truly I am jesting with you, nobody is kicking my butt. I am kicking butt and taking names, it is all Money, Guns and Lawyer over here at the HoboTraveler.com team.

We are going to update out look, make the sites look like what you see on all the other sites. However, here is the kicker…

We are NOT going to use a CMS system, I am even going to dump my blogger.com system and develop our own one. The reason is this, SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Google.com has the math figured out on the off the shelf CMS systems, their day in the sun is over, they are in many ways finishee. Organic Google.com searches knows you! they have weighed and measured your content management systems and found them predictable.

Predictable is a problem with a little Bot that indexes your page.

However, I do say an advance “Welcome” to all the new “Butterflies.” in the "Christmas Future," as told to me by some Ghost.

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Cookie Cutter Websites are Destroying Mine

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