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Are Air Consolidators Dead

2008-10-04 20:42:00

Are Air Consolidators Dead
I research air consolidators for days about five years ago and wrote a newsletter tip explaining "What is an Air Consolidator?"

I now am starting to believe Air Consolidators are almost dead; however, I am not sure.

Fukuoka, Japan
Sunday, October 5, 2008
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When an airline wishes to fill up a plane quick they call upon air consolidators to sell the ticket below publish fares. They do not allow the normal travel agent to do this; it is a special type of agent with special deals with the airline and is allowed to sell below published rates.

However, I think this has changed; I tend to believe they now have special deal with the airfare scraping sites, which digest together many airlines and spit out fares.


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What I believe the airlines are doing now, they have these cheap fare and they just unload on one of the site, therefore for a brief time a few people get great fares.

The only way to get them is to lottery surf these pages and hope you are ready to purchase when the ticket is offered.

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Are Air Consolidators Dead

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