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2008 October 8 Enter Thailand leave Japan

2008-10-08 20:02:00

2008 October 8 Enter Thailand leave Japan
I flew from Fukuoka, Japan to Taipei, Taiwan, then transited planes and flew on to Bangkok. I left the Hostel in Japan at 7:30 am and arrived at my room in Bangkok at 6:00 pm.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Thursday, October 9, 2008
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It is difficult to understand the sense of freedom I feel after being in the three expensive countries of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.


It cost me 1100 Yen for a ten-minute Taxi drive from the Hostels to the airport in Japan.

It cost me 430 Baht that included the toll road fees for a one-hour trip to Thammasat University, in the same quality of taxi.

1,100.00 JPY = 10.9826 USD
430.00 THB = 12.5130 USD

If I had done the same trip in Japan, it would have cost me 60 US Dollars. Of course, I would not have done it this way; it would have been a series of trains, buses, and subways, making for a horrible first or last impression of a country.

I have been thinking, I am good at math, I speculate the majority of travelers never quite figure out how much a country cost. They just purchase saying to themselves,
“I have to buy this.”

I use this link to convert money.
XE - Full Universal Currency Converter

It has all the currencies in the full one, and if I am in an internet cafe, xe.com is easyt to remember and type.

Currency Converter - Yahoo! Finance
Currency Converter for 164 Currencies
Exchange Rates
International Currency Converter - Welcome
XE - Full Universal Currency Converter

2008 October 8 Enter Thailand leave Japan

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