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Where to go with Languages

2008-09-21 13:10:00

Where to go with Languages
Trying to find the Hotels or Hostels today here in Seoul was one of the worst experiences of my travel life. There is no way to communicate effectively that would give me even a semblance of normal travel, maybe just a continuous headache.

Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, September 21, 2008
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The only solution I can derive is to learn the language as I did in West Africa when English was of no value and French was needed. The Korean people often speak English well, however I am not sure this is a solution. I cannot even read the street signs, and they are not in English and you cannot depend on a person to be around to help when you need one.

I am not too excited about learning to speak Korean, I believe the only Asian language I have a desire to learn is Chinese.

I know one thing, I will never complain about Thailand not speaking English again, the language problems of Thailand are nothing compared to Korea.

Where to go with Languages