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Where do Tourist Go

2008-09-07 20:56:00

Where do Tourist Go

Is this a Geography question?

“98% of tourist only go to 5% of the places of any country”
Wade of

“99% of tourist only go to 1% of the places of any country”
Andy of
Rangsit, Thailand
Thammasat Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Monday, September 8, 2008
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There is life inside the box and outside the box. It is difficult to know you are in a box until someone outside the box call into the box and says,
“Come out and play, get out of that box.”
I then truly expect the people in the box to say,
“I am not in a box.”

Wade wrote me an email with some astute recommendations on how to help has 6.5 million cities and will collect every hotels in all 6.5 million cities to be entered on the site which we estimate to be 25-35 million hotels.

Normal Hotel Booking site has less than 15,000 cities and less than 40,000 Hotels.

15,000 dived by 6,500,000 is 0.0023

“99% of tourist only go to .0023 % of the places of any country”

So really the truth is this, booking sites represent only 1 in 500 cities on the planet, my 1 percent is truly 434 times too much. The majority of Hotel booking site are not really trying to find all people Hotels, they are trying to help people find Hotels in only the Tourist Areas.

If there is one thing I know in life about Travel, some of the worst the planet has to offer is in the Tourist areas of the planet.

I try to prod and poke, and push people around to think, there is no reason on this planet that you or your family have to travel to the exact same location as 99 percent of the rest of the planet.

I am hoping the doors of the world are opening….

Where do Tourist Go