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What Time do Koreans Wake Up

2008-09-26 19:40:00

What Time do Koreans Wake Up
7:45 am, two Norwegian girls ask me,
“What time do Koreans wake up?”

This is a very polite and full of empathy question.

Seoul, South Korea
Saturday, September 27, 2008
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I was fumbling around trying to answer for a couple of minutes, then finally said,
“What time do you call people in Norway, it is about the same here.”

There are some humorous and intriguing cultural anticipations from tourist and travelers as they visit the world. They truly think the people are going to be different however people are generally the same.

I added later, if you called the person at 9:00 am in Norway, then call the same type of person at 9:00 here in Korea. The only variation of this is that in West Africa I know you could call one hour earlier. Because as best I could observer African wake up early and do not try to avoid the day. I would think the Islamic people would wake up earlier, however have not found that to be true.

There are countries known for their organizational skills and intelligence like Germany, Japan or even the USA. Then people are surprised how many stupid people they meet in these countries like for some reason they should not exist.

There is continual drone from Europeans that have visited the USA on the number of stupid people. I on the other hand have visited many European and I am positive they have their share of stupid people.

Then again, did the smart ones or the dumb ones immigrate from Europe to the USA?

Nonetheless, people do go to other countries and anticipate certain type of behavior from the country and in a self-prophesizing way they find what they want to believe. My opinion is most core behaviors of the human animal is essentially the same. However just because a person speaks a different language is not huge difference in cultures.

What Time do Koreans Wake Up