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Western Washed Japan

2008-09-30 21:28:00

Western Washed Japan
The first day in a country is the best rush on the planet, however today in Japan was a Western Washed walk in Fukuoka, Japan.

Maybe you could say, “White Washed Japan” however, it is more about being washed by the Western Culture until there is little left of the Japanese culture and I feel like I am in the USA.

Western Washed: The culture of Japan has been Western Washes; it is now Wash-and-Wear ready, not much different from any other Western culture except they are in the East.

Fukuoka, Japan
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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Taiwan, South Korea and Japan now have felt like Asian culture put through the Western Wash cycle and the Globalization dry cycle at work.

English is the language of world business; therefore, I do expect English words to be used in World Cities. However, sometimes the use of English words seems too Whitewashed; I see the same thing in the USA with the use of French Words.

A restaurant that nothing to do with France will use a few Frenchie words in their signs to prove they like to wrap scarves around their neck and walk funny.

I suppose the commercials on television in Asia are the best examples of Western Washed culture. They will insert a few words in the majority of country wide broadcast commercials. I think to myself,
“Do the locals know these words?”

7-11 and Family Mart both have their signs all over Asia and no words associated with the front signage that says Asia. 7-11 is owned now by a Japanese company; however, there is nothing about the company that appears Japanese.

Western Washed Business Culture of Japan

Century 21 Realtors, with words in English in their signs, I am in Japan, or I could use my imagination and return home for a moment.

Yahoo seems to be selling Broadband internet connections or something in Japan, I wonder what percentage of people can read the word “Broadband,” and understand, I do not understand the purpose… I do understand the reason for the Yahoo logo.

These are magazines in a convenience store; look at how many words are in English. Think about it, if you went into a store in the USA, how many words on magazine would be in Foreign Languages.

Here is a Japanese Vending machine; even these machines do not escape the Western Wash cycle.

My point is this, why are they bending over backward inside their own country to include English words in their culture. I see this all through Asia and it is as if they go through the Western Wash cycle and come out White Washed. I am in Fukuoka, Japan, this is not the place where the world is coming to visit, and there are very few tourists.

I have done two walks in Japan, North and East, now I will go West and South, I want to find one building that reminds me of a Japanese Movies made in Hollywoord.

I have to be very careful that I walk straight paths away from the Hostel or I may get lost and not find anyone that can speak English to help me get back to the Hostel. I for sure have two business cards of the Hostel in my pocket to help me find my way home.

I know you want photos of Japan, these are photos of Japan, or I could go hunt for hours for what you are expecting to see.

Western Washed Japan

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