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Travel SpendoMeter

2008-09-04 04:26:00

Travel SpendoMeter
I was watching Youtube.com and for kicks, did a search,
“Travel Tips Backpack”

I watched, or tried to watch a girl explain how to backpack the world.

She said something like,
“There are many sites that have Travel SpendoMeters that can help you budget your trip.”

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Thursday, September 4, 2008
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Being curious, I went and did a few Google.com Searches, however was not able to find one.

Where, I could not find one...

Now, a Travel SpendoMeter would be great, please log in on,
“Cameroon, Africa.”

I would also like to know,
“Tonga, Oceania.”

I can figure out Japan and Korea easy enough.

Ok, I do not know if there really are Travel SpendoMeters worth a hoot, however I have thought about creating one for years. I would do this, I would get on all the Lonely Planets, Roughguides, Footprints, etc guidebooks of the planet.

1. List out the three cheapest room prices per major Capital City in every country on the planet from each of the books.
(Requires a Library)

2. Enter all this into a database, sum and average up the cost on a per country level.

I would have a Travel Spendometer.

Note, she give some budget information, sort of made me laugh, the number one budget cost was not included.

I do not drink, but I guesstimate the average person spend one-third their daily living money on beer.

People ask me how much it cost to travel in X country, I say,
“Do you drink, if you drink, double this number X.”

Here is the link to the video, all ok advice, sort on the serious side, all you truly need is a Passport, ATM Bank Machine Card, and the will.


Well, if one of you out there in never never land know where to find a Travel Spendometer, please post in the comments below, I would appreciate the help.

Do not forget Cameroon, and Tonga, I really do not care about Europe, I know how much it cost,
“Too much for the enjoyment is doles out.”

Travel SpendoMeter

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