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Transliteration If Bad Spelling Make you Angry

2008-09-13 18:51:00

Transliteration If Bad Spelling Make you Angry
I sometime muse about totally annoying my readers with transliteration of words. I have to admit, I somewhat enjoy annoying readers with bad spelling and grammar.

Well, if bad spelling makes you angry, then the spelling of words tranliterated would surely drive you insane... none to early in my opinion.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 14, 2008
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Transliteration is a wonderful word for me, it was a happy day in my life where I learned this word.

“Transliteration is the practice of transcribing a word or text written in one writing system into another writing system or system of rules for such practice.”

If there is a Chinese word, there is maybe the English equivalent, for cities and countries it is relatively easy to find the English word for a city that is really different than what we know about.

There is a lot of meaning lost in Transliteration, it makes the phrase “Lost in Translation” seem like an act of clarity.

I do enjoy annoying readers with spelling and grammar problems I have when writing a Blog post. I find it intriguing how intolerant people are of other people on the planet, how they often living in a vacuum whereby all extraneous stimulation is gone. I believe people who have a problem with grammar or spelling truly believe,
“They are perfect, and everyone else should be also.”

If there is one thing I am positive about, it the fact that nobody is perfect. I can say this with perfect wisdom, or maybe I can…

When living in the USA, I have a probability of understanding about 30 percent of what other people say to me, if I am truly good listener, I can maybe understand the intention up to 70 percent.

Whey I travel, the understanding of the intentions and desire of other people may drop to 10 percent or zero.

It is funny to walk into a super market here in Taiwan, try to buy an egg, and with all my communicative power not be able to find out the price of 10 eggs. I do not care if I do not speak the language, I do not just pick up any item on the planet and try to give money, which to me is an anal solution to this problem.

However, humans will naturally get what they want, one way or another with the least amount of emotional anguish or frustration.

This is the fun of bad spelling, it causes emotional anguish and frustration with the least amount of work on my part. I guess really, it takes no work for me to do this, I do it naturally.

The computer of the planet are not perfect, I enjoy language, however avoid trying to go into detail about the problems of learning a language. The reason is simple, I would need to put words on a page that would cause gibberish to show up on the page. I know that all the systems of recreating characters of languages are not going to work when you finally read the word.

Here is a test, some of you may or many not be able to read the Chinese characters below.

A Chinese phrase is pasted below, I believe some of you are going to see some garbled mess of characters.

???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????


If you can read the Characters than then life is good, note however this is just a character problem, it is not a transliteration problem, that would indeed make spelling problems magnify, along with the lost in translation problem.

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Transliteration If Bad Spelling Make you Angry