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Time for Hobo to Buy a Sailboat

2008-09-30 17:14:00

Time for Hobo to Buy a Sailboat
The big luxury buyers of Sailboats who sailed the Caribbean are probably having second thoughts, I think there are many people saying,
“Dear, I think we should sell our Sailboat.”

Luxury items like a sailboat I believe will start to get very cheap.

I wish to explore the Islands of the planet, the only way feasible and intelligent is by living on a Sailboat, for me it is not a luxury, it would be a Hobo Hideout.

Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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I know of three locations where maybe I can find owners of boats who may wish to sell cheap, or have someone take over their payments.

Rio Dulce in Guatemala
Trinidad and Tobago.

I am never sure on how to buy, however it does appear to be a good time to help a person with a sailboat get relief, and a benefit to me… hehehe

I pay between 500 and 1200 US per month for rent, I could use this to pay for a boat.

Time for Hobo to Buy a Sailboat

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