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The Word Backpack is a Problem

2008-09-05 20:07:00

The Word Backpack is a Problem
The word “Backpack” is really causing problems, I for years have called myself a Backpacker, however maybe it time to stop using this word.

NOTE: If you want a good Long-Term Travel Bag go to a Scuba Gear Shop, they do NOT sell them in Outdoor Gear Shops.

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Saturday, September 6, 2008
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I remember this American Girl coming into my room in Hampi, India and saying,
“You are a true backpacker.”
I asked,
“Everyone has a backpack, aren’t they backpackers?”
She said,
“No, a true backpacker as all the equipment in their pack to live anywhere, they have a tent, sleeping gear, and can cook food, a true backpacker can go out and live in the wilderness.”

True, I did have and still have all the equipment in my Travel Bag to live anywhere, I have a Rain Poncho for a Tent, I have Mosquito Net for the sides, and a Hammock for a bed, or to use for a blanket. I have a really good cooking kit, I can cook easily about anywhere. However, I do not carry around food and water, I only have maybe a one to two day supply of food.

However, I do my best to find a Travelers Room, I do not want to live outdoors.

Always baffles me how a ultra light Backpack could go ultra light and carry enough food and water for a trek of one week or more. Food is incredibly heavy to carry, and would double the weight inside the bag. Oh well, I think they are for the most part, weekend warrior hikers, go up for one or two night and play around. I would just dump the food and fast for a couple of days, and for sure I would not need clothes, really easy to go ultra light for two days.

THE WORD BACKPACK HAS TO GO…It is finished, it is a label that means almost nothing to a traveler. Maybe I will call it,
“Long-Term Travel Bag.”
“Multi-Purpose Travel Bag.”
“Traveler Bag.”
“Long Term Travel Pack.”

Whenever I use this really unrelated term, “Backpack,” I get a plethora or off topic, unrelated, really annoying comments on the blog. The average reader is incapable of differentiating between a bag used for hiking and a bag used for long-term travel.

I talked with my friend Mark of

He is looking for another Travel Bag, he said,
“The backpack stores do not talk about how to lock the bag.”
“They really do not get it, a travel bag must first be lockable.”

I am going to get strict on comments on blog post, I am going to moderate, delete, or remove any links that refer to bags without a locking system. They just are not important, they are hiking bags, then the reader wants to obsess on the shoulder straps and waist harness. 95 percent of traveler do not even use the waist harness, it is not needed, except in rare situations.

I have learn one thing, presently if you are looking for a good travel bag, do not go to the Outdor Gear Shop, go to the Scuba Gear Shops. The best bags I have seen for travel, have almost always been bags made for Scuba Gear. In a way, this makes sense, Scuba Gear is expensive and heavy, you do not want them to steal the gear, and the bag must be tough to accommodate the weight.

Here is a Scuba Gear type bag that would make a great travel bag, I would have no trouble recommending and have already done so on a post from Lima, Peru. Go read about a Travel Bag that is already very good.

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The Word Backpack is a Problem