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The State of the Union Message

2008-09-30 16:59:00

The State of the Union Message
I am sitting here in Japan trying to understand what is happening to the USA economy. I do not feel left out, I really have an advantage, I am outside the USA looking in, my perspective is not

I am 100 percent sure the United States Citizens are clueless to understand how they fit in globally and this problems is global, not just the USA. The whole world is having a Margin Call, very few people hedged their bets, very few saved for a rainy day.

Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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However, they should not feel alone, none of the citizens of the world understand dynamically how they fit into the global community. This is really the job of the politicians to understand and force the fit to work.

There is NO love lost by other countries, no country loves another country, they all work out of self-interest and greed.

I wish I could feel sad about the economic issues in the USA, however in reality I know I feel more like saying,
“I told you so.”

I know one things, I sure would not want to be the next President of the USA for the next term. Whoever is President is going to take more crap per square inch than any President since the time of the depression. People vote, think and feel with their wallets, they do not feel with some intellectual idealistic dreams, they just want money, and when lose their own money they will blame anyone near for their problems, not themselves.

The world is getting the punishment that is deserved, the USA is getting the punishment it deserves for being greedy. People purchased homes they could not afford, and people so homes they knew their clients should not be buying, it was fueled by greed.

So what is the State of the Union?

Normal, people being people, not planning of thinking ahead, just reacting to their lives as it passes by.

What is the State of HoboTraveler.com.

Outrageously solvent and prosperous, truly impossible to feel poor, however 100 committed to living as cheap as possible whereby solvency and prosperity reign in my life, I try to put all my money away for rainy days.

I am a Hobo, I am cheap.

The State of the Union Message

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