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The Art of Global Business

2008-09-30 23:04:00

The Art of Global Business
I purchase light bulbs all over the planet; the normal price is under 50 cents US.

Fukuoka, Japan
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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I purchased this light bulb in a Family Mart Convenience store here in Fukuoka, Japan for 200 Yen, this is 1.88 US Dollars.

In my opinion the art of global business it to understand where on the planet they are making a product cheap and import /export the items to the country that sells the same product for much more.

This is why the world wishes for the USA economy to stabilize, they want their customer healthy.

China is invading Africa, setting up all sorts of trade deals, China is the king of the cheap product, they are making oodles of low quality cheap product and Africa is a good market for China.

Somehow, in my opinion, a person only needs to have a good eye for where there is some lacking of products, know where they make the product cheap and introduce the need to the supplier.

Traders, not a new business on the planet, one of the oldest.

The Art of Global Business

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