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South Korea Welcome Wagon

2008-09-22 16:37:00

South Korea Welcome Wagon
I am trying to reach inside myself to find my feelings about South Korea, they can be described as ambiguous, vague, weird, and unclear.

As best I can see the government has no policy of welcoming tourist into the country, it appears to have the least amount of governmental tourist infrastructure I have encountered.

Although, I do believe the normal people are very helpful, the government seems to desire to keep people out, they do nothing to open the door or keep it open as a policy.

Seoul, South Korea
Monday, September 22, 2008
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Many people believe Europe is different than the USA, while I think of the two culture as a fractionally different. South Korea is closer to the other side of the moon as far as cultures go, I am not sure, maybe China is on the far side of the moon.

Even when I was in West Africa there was some common sharing of communication, here in South Korea I am down to the level of sign and body language, there is no way to communicate with the normal South Korean. However, sign and body language works great to buy food and walk around window shopping, it does not work well for taxis and transportation.

Where is the common ground?

So far I can only use the metro trains or subway and walk, I prefer walking because I can slowly absorb how the culture works. Taxis are impossible to use unless I was going to the biggest Five Star Hotels here in Seoul.

I want to remove the transportation problem, my only possible solution is to make painstaking plans to the smallest rural village or city I can find within two hours trip from Seoul, if that exist, the city is one of the biggest Megalopolis on the planet, the city may never end.

If I went to a small village, I could remove the South Korean Governments from the equation and maybe understand the normal peoples views of life and foreigners.

Is there a Welcome Wagon in South Korea? I must have missed it I hope they parked it out in some rural village.

South Korea Welcome Wagon