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South Korea City Tourist

2008-09-21 02:54:00

South Korea City Tourist
What do I do now? I am in South Korea trapped in some never ending city, Seoul feels like New York City full of people who look Asian.

Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, September 21, 2008
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I realized today, I am not a City Tourist, this truly is not my cup of tea. I left Taipei, and went to the same city in a different country, just a different name.

I have successful wasted two trips in Taiwan, by getting trapped in cities. I think maybe I should somehow leave this city and go anywhere out of a city. Then again, I could just get on a plane tomorrow, and leave.

I feel trapped in a friendly city.

I really wish I had a Guidebook, this PDF Lonely Planet thing is not working too good, I need paper.

South Korea City Tourist