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Saving Money to Travel for Years

2008-09-12 18:40:00

Saving Money to Travel for Years
How much money do you need to perpetually travel internationally for the rest of your life?

Hehehe, very simple to calculate.

You need to take the amount of money you will earn in one year, multiplied this times the number of years you expect to live.

However, this is WRONG, you are way off track

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Saturday, September 13, 2008
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First thing you have to tell learn, remember and get through some very dense skulls is this,
“You are NOT on Vacation.”

A vacation is when you stop working and take a trip, you travel, however I am 100 percent sure a retired person on a pension can travel easily for the rest of their life.

Ok, back on topic, there are a couple major variables and one variable Americans you just cannot empathize with well.

1. How much is the cost of living in the countries you wish to visit?
(American and Europeans think they need American money to live in another country.)

2. Where are you going to work?

Oops, I think this is the big kicker, really what people dream of doing is not working, they do not dream so much about travel, they want not work and live the good life. More or less be the rich and famous and lie around on Yachts looking at bikinis.

Now if you are a reasonable person, you may understand the critical problem here is your perspective. If you can for stop and think, and change your focus from perpetual vacation to perpetual travel and work, you may be able to start your trip.

However, back to the fist variable,
“1. How much is the cost of living in the countries you wish to visit?”

Take a trial run, think and choose one country you want to visit. Ok, I am going to say Ecuador, South America just for an example. I will not go visit this link on

Minimum Wages by Country

Ecuador is…. Ooops, too funny.
4,993 U.S. Dollars per YEAR

4,993 divided by 365 days is 13.68 per day

(Note, I have been to Ecuador maybe five to eight time and this statistic really is fishy, my guess is more like 2000.)

However, for the sake of argument, use the number of 13.68 per day.

Can you go to this country and earn 13.68 per day?
I would almost for sure say,

You can go and teach English, not maybe your favorite job on the planet or mine either, however it is a job, and you can do it and go live in Ecuador.

Now maybe you are saying to yourself, I do not want to go live in Ecuador, I want to Nomadically wander around the planet in a complete state of wonder. I think you than need to ask yourself,
Can I find a Nomadic job, that travels with me?”

Ok, I work on the internet, I have a nomadic traveler job, when I earned my fist five dollars in one day, I said to myself,
“I can travel for the rest of my life.”
I was very happy, I knew I had the minimum amount of money for perpetual travel. And, I knew I could continue to work and raise this number until I could live in any country.

The whole point of this post is to tell you,
“Stop thinking about saving money to go on Vacation.”

Think of how to work while traveling and you will be a Hobo. A Hobo is not a bum, they traveled from place to place looking for jobs. This I see is the essential problems of most people who consider traveling the planet, they want to be a bum, not a Hobo.

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Think and ask yourself...

“Can I find a Nomadic job, that travels with me?”

Saving Money to Travel for Years