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Ripstop Fabric for Traveler Bags

2008-09-08 06:11:00

Ripstop Fabric for Traveler Bags
Don’t you just hate it when someone says some jargon like,
“Ripstop Nylon.”

Great, the material of my Travel Pack is made with Fabric that is supposed to stop Rips. Hmm, go figure, but how does it do it?

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Monday, September 8, 2008
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Ripstop as defined by
Rip-stop nylon is a light-weight nylon fabric with inter-woven Ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern, so that the material resists ripping or tearing.

They lost me on the word “Crosshatch,” I have never used that word in my life.

Well, they said Hot Airs Balloons are made from it, but trust me, I am still lost, what is Ripstop?

The balloon photo, nice photo, probably made of Ripstop fabric and this seems like a very good idea.

Ok, this is a photos of what best I can understand and determine is Ripstop Fabric. See the little white thread, they are made into little square, what must mean “Crosshatch,” however, I am not sure, and I do not really care, because I am not going to use the word again.

Each white thread is the STOP, ripstop has little squares.

So you cut, and it hit a thread that slows the pace of a rip. The Traveler Bag I am making presently is with Spectra Thread, this is one of them 10 times stronger than steel thread, like Kevlar with a different name. What is funny to me, I can cut the stuff, however it will dull a pair of scissors very fast, I cannot rip it, I must cut it.

So if you are looking at your Travel Bag, the hope is you see some little squares, you should kind of hope it is not just flat looking. Now there is another word, “Denier,” this means the size of the thread. The bag I showed a few days ago has a 500 Denier thread, the 500 is bigger, however in a way more porous, so water will go through it, while if I used a 70 Denier, it would be about the same as an umbrella, however not as strong of thread.

Small number 70 is small thread
Big number 500 is big thread.
It is the diameter of the thread.

The bigger the thread, the harder to cut, I am not sure, however Spectra is more difficult than Nylon and I think the same as Kevlar.

I can make a bag out of 100 percent 200 Denier Spectra Fabric that would be very light and strong, but one problem, the Spectra Fabric does not take dyes well, so it would be a white bag. I am not sure how many people want a white bag, it would not bother me, however not sure I am normal...

I would recommend a lesson I have learned many times, if you do not want your bag to rip. Make sure the bag is not wider than your body. My first bag had two large side pockets that caught on everything, I think I cut that bag about 10-15 times, the shoe repair people like me. The bus doors were the number one offender, jumping down from a bus, and rip.. with a stop.

Will a Spectra Ripstop or Nylon Ripstop stop a knife slash?

My answer would be NO, but it would slow them down unless their knife is very sharp.

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Ripstop Fabric for Traveler Bags