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Rain or Shine Taiwan Umbrellas

2008-09-17 04:16:00

Rain or Shine Taiwan Umbrellas
A Typhoon just blew over Taipei, from my perspective mostly a lot of rain, and because it was raining I thought about umbrellas.

I happened upon a store that only sold umbrellas and assorted rain gear, a truly interesting store.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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The sun is shining to today, and as best I can tell, the country of Taiwan uses umbrellas rain or shine. I would suppose 50 percent to stay in the shade and 50 percent to keep their skin as white a possible. Generally the majority of Asian people try their best to stay or become as white as possible.

Hmmm, the sun is shining, however the people are still the same, I was passing a lady as she walked out from under the shade. She opens the umbrella like she is avoiding rain, then lowers the umbrella when she went back into the shade.

I felt a little funny, hmm, it is not raining, I stereotypically only think of using umbrellas for rain. A nice sunny day, however many people still have their umbrellas.

I walked up to this store and with sign language motioned that I wanted to take a photo, they say sure. Then this man came up to ma and started talking in English. Quite an amazing selection of umbrella here are this store in Taipei, Taiwan, and for sure there is a demand.

Take a close look at this photo, above the entrance he has umbrellas embedded into the wall.

I feel like a Mary Poppins movie, there are these umbrellas stands at the entrance to most establishments, including 7-11.

I carry an umbrella in my Traveler Bag 100 percent of the time and see is as silly not too. Whatever you do, wherever you go there is rain, I do not drive a car, there is no way to escape the rain. Rain gear, ponchos and other type are inconvenient. I also carry a poncho, however use it more as a tarp on top of buses and a blanket on my bed, very seldom for rain.

I have always carried and umbrella in my Travel Bag and I will always continue to carry one in my bag, some things in life just make sense.

Rain or Shine Taiwan Umbrellas