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Question for Readers on South Korea

2008-09-16 18:34:00

Question for Readers on South Korea
I will leave soon for Seoul, South Korea and I have no clue where to go, it feels like everyone that goes to Korea is going there to teach English.

I am looking for the Travelers Ghetto, the place where people hang around until the are so far lost they never go home, I figure this type of person knows better than average.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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I am trying to read between the lines, figure out the truth in a maze of misrepresentation. I am happy to say, “” is presently a player for Seoul, this site has a lot of potential that so far not even close to reaching.

However Seoul says,
“Seoul's unofficial backpacker district is Anguk (subway line 3), located just to the north of the city center.”

Now, I do not know where the city center is, I do not know one neighborhood from another and I am lost, but experienced.

I downloaded the Lonely Planet purchase by the chapter and I fear we got a limp wrist tourist that is writing for Lonely Planet on Seoul, he or she so far seems to avoid the under belly of the city at all cost. This is the sure sign of a true tourist, never wants to see the real country only the dreamy too full of crap to be real writing style.

I got on to get a range of prices, normally thinking the higher the rating, the more the wankers, however a good way to learn the price ranges that are expensive. I know normally what is in is not the cheapest, so I have a way of getting a target price for a room and go down from I laugh in Europe, the higher the rating on the more I am sure it just one big drunken flop house Hostel. However, still one of the few cheap hotel booking sites on the planet. You have to be extremely careful on this site on prices, they really are sneaky.

I want to know, is Seoul's unofficial backpacker district Anguk? Or is this just some too excited person who went there on time and met a Korean Girls and got laid in this area?

I do not want true culture, I want to go where the most drunk English teaching people are hanging out that can explain in harsh terms the country of South Korea without the rosy glasses on to edit reality.

Question for Readers on South Korea