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National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack

2008-09-25 05:12:00

National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack
I walked into a Camera shop here in Seoul and happened up on a National Geographic Backpack, being the semi-paparazzi person I am I pulled out my camera and took photos. Quite a funny experience to be taking photos inside a Camera shop.

Seoul, South Korea
Thursday, September 25, 2008
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I felt a sense of sadness and let down when I inspected this Backpack by National Geographic. I have always held National Geographic is high esteem, however this backpack was a complete emotional letdown, a true disaster.

The name of this bag is the “Earth Explorer Backpack.”

In my experience, the further you get from civilization, the more you need a secure bag to protect your valuables from theft. I am an explorer in many ways, I truly feel this bag is about the last bag on the planet would ever consider using.

National Geographic

I would say a marketing gimmick, playing on the Safari color stereotype of some old time Tarzan movie.

National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack