More Traveler Carry Computers

More Traveler Carry Computers
The TaiwanMex Taipei Hostel has two different building, I went over today and visited the other building. I was surprised to find, that 8 of the 10 people presently in the this building have Laptops and want to connect with WIFI Wireless Internet Connection.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 14, 2008
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I went over to help fix a small wiring problem, I was fortunately able to fix the WIFI internet problem, and suddenly everyone was clapping.

I remember traveling 10 years ago where nobody but me had a computer. This is the new world, and we are connected, transforming a want into a perceived need.

I made it out of the Hostel building, I successfully refrained from making any American Jokes about fixing problems.

I think there was a Japanese kid over there who could have fixed the problem, however I suspect that “saving face” problem stopped him from being able to try.

There are Typhoon rain storms today, so the internet need to work.

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More Traveler Carry Computers

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