Measuring the Caring of Humans

Measuring the Caring of Humans
I have lived in Hotels and Hostel for over 10 years.

I have learned to know which types of people are good people that care about their fellow man, and who just wants you to believe they care.

I live in a Home made by the management of Hotels.

Seoul, South Korea
Monday, September 29, 2008
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In the Christian Bible Mathew 7:16 it says something like:

“7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. This common figure is wonderfully expressive. Not leaves (professions), or appearance, are the proper tests of the life that is in the tree, but the fruit it bears. We are to test men and every institution by this principle.”

My life is great and will always be great, life is truly good for me, I should always thank the good Gods. I look for the small extras people do in life, not what they are paid to do, but those small thing in life where there is no pay. I have low expectation of Humans, few are capable of producing a good harvest of fruit, however I do test any and all humans I encounter to see if the have one piece of harvestable fruit.

My simple test is, do they say “Hello” when they walk into the room or is this a burden. If I say Hello to them, I want to know if it is a burden for them to reply. This test is simple as it gets, after this test life becomes rather easy for me. The people who say hello and are happy to reply to a hello have some fruit to share.

I do keep my priorities in line, I know it my responsibility to say “Hello” first, there are some shy people on the planet.

There is a grimace on many faces, as if waking in the morning is to big of burden to endure.

Sadly I know that many people became angry the moment I said anything about Bibles or God, this post has nothing to do with God or Bibles it just another of those test in life to see if you can accept good, and bringing up subjects like this is another test.

Life is ridiculously simple, just surround yourself who do not see your presence as a burden, say hello and reply with a hello, where there is no reason whatsoever and be cautious with the others.

Measuring the Caring of Humans