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Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel

Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel
The number one reason to live in Hostels is NOT the cheap prices.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 14, 2008
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The value of a Hostel is you get introduced to the world, here in Taiwan at the going by the name of TaiwanMex I have on a regular basis spoken with,
- Finnish Man studying in Chinese
- Two Korean Girls on Vacation
- A Hong Kong couple on four day visit to Taiwan
- Three Japanese boys, two studying and one on vacation.
- USA black man, truly a culture that is becoming foreign
- Mexican, Raul the half owner of the Hostel
- Taiwan Magos, the women half owner of Hostel

A Hostel is a good place to accidentally meet people, a great way to meet the world. I am lucky Magos is from Taiwan, this in some ways the most difficult culture to meet in a Taiwan Hostel because the Taiwanese people do not have a reason to live in Hostels.

What I really wished the world would recognize about a Hostel that is so wonderful is the community spirit. Because they are often homes, we share a television, a kitchen, and the shower, we share our lives together and this is a good thing.

Note, I have a single room with air conditioning, however it does have a shared shower, the room cost 600 Taiwan whatever’s and dorms start at 10 U.S. Dollars.

Where do people of the planet meet in the most disarming way?
“The Kitchen.”

I just exchanged email address’s with the Hong Kong couple, it was a good day.

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Making Friends in Taiwan Hostel