Make my Blog Famous

Make my Blog Famous
I may soon be ready to make my Blog Famous.

NOTHING will change, it would just become radically easier to read.

Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, September 21, 2008
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My Blog is my play toy, a way of talking to myself, and enjoying the cathartic effects of journalizing.

I do not promote my Blog, I do about 10 times LESS than any other Travel Journalger I know to help promote their Blog. I do nothing, close to zero, I do not even proofread it well, and I do my best to ignore and offend the audience, so they do not destroy this cathartic moment of my life.

I do not want myself to be famous, I go to great lengths to avoid cameras, you do not see me putting photos of myself on the Blog, proof positive the Blogger wishes to be Famous.

To be “Famous” is a horrible experience.

To be “Famous” is tiresome and boring.

To have everyone know you is not love, it is an annoyance.

To have good friends is great, to be known by the world is a fools gold.

However after making all that noise, why would I make my Blog Famous? Hmm, it is that “Money and Fame” equations. I do not want the fame, however I want the Money.

NOTHING will change, it would just become radically easier to read.

I feels soon I will have enough money and support staff to manage a truly world famous Blog, not a world famous “Face” book, but a world famous Blog.

Nothing will change, I will just polish it up and make it more presentable for the prime time readers and add proprietor made navigation that is not presently available in Blogger or Word Press.

Bottom line, I will pay Coders to create all the code needed to make a both a beautiful looking Blog, however more important they will create functional needs that all Blogs seem to be missing. It is easy navigation when you have posted 200 times, however a whole new world of problems when you have 4000 post.

NOTHING will change, it would just become radically easier to read.

Make my Blog Famous

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