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Live and Left Live Policy

2008-09-18 16:51:00

Live and Left Live Policy
I learned many years ago, I have zero responsibility for how another person lives their life. I also know I have no responsibility for the feeling of others, that is 100 percent their job, it is not truly possible to offend others, they offend themselves.

Taipei, Taiwan
Friday, September 19, 2008
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I suppose in a live and let live policy stance we just keep our mouths shut so there is no backlash if we do open our mouths. I know the road of least of resistance is to not criticize or give opinions. Then if I am to criticize make sure everyone is already in agreement on the complaint, where by I am not criticizing, I am just agreeing.

I have truly been enjoying how everyone in the USA is blaming everyone else for all the problems of the world. I think we need to sent them all to a 12-step program, they would all be getting some harsh reality thrown in their faces.

“You cannot make another person responsible for your life.”

- The government is not responsible for my money, I am.
- The president is not responsible for my life.
- The price of oil is not controlled by one person
- A war is not fought by one person
- I would guess 50 percent of Wall Street are Democrats.

Too funny, maybe the whole world is dysfunctional, and truly being a functional, reasonable, and responsible human is abnormal.

Live and Left Live Policy