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Korean Sundial

2008-09-24 18:47:00

Korean Sundial
In the Changdeokugung Palace here in Seoul, Korea I saw a sundial, I have been reading a little trying to understand sundials, as best I can understand it also tells the seasons.

Seoul, South Korea
Thursday, September 25, 2008
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This was in the Palace near the sleeping quarters of the King and Queen, although presently Korea has no Monarchy.

The bowl shape is intriguing design for a sundial.

This type of post is a great subject for a Travel Journal, the reason is this, some people read a blog like a newspaper, whatever is new is important, then they throw is away and the page dies forever.

This post has a very long shelf life, because many hobbyist, students, teachers and other people will always have interest in Sundials. Whereby this type of blog post will give continuous traffic for years to come to my site. And normally this type of object is for the most part ignored by the other people with cameras., I on the other hand consider it in many way more important to a Travel Journal than the Palace. If you seen one Temple Palace, you seen them all… hehehe

However it is not common to find a Sundial, I some days feel like I am just a collector of clues to long stories that need to be told.

Jang Yeong-sil - Korean Sundial
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Korean Sundial