Korean People Eat Aquarium Fish

Korean People Eat Aquarium Fish
While I was in Korea, I noticed many Fish Tanks; in a way, stopping and looking at the Fish they eat were some of the best Aquariums I have ever seen.

Here are a couple of the more exotic looking seafood’s they was selling in South Korea.

Fukuoka, Japan
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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Is this a squid or an octopus, or something else?

A person could walk by on the alleys or streets see all the seafood the restaurant sold and I assume go in and eat it.

Worms for sale, this truly was not my idea of lunch, I am not sure, maybe it is an Eel.

Truly not easy to extract any clear information from owners of Korean Restaurants, these are not tourist grade restaurants, and for sure, a tourist restaurant is the last place on my list of places to visit in any country on the planet.

Hmmm, pay a lot of money to see culture that has been changed to suck up to tourist, maybe next lifetime.

Korean People Eat Aquarium Fish

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