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Korea Hostel is Europe without the Drunks

2008-09-23 17:11:00

Korea Hostel is Europe without the Drunks
I am staying in a Hostel here in Seoul, South Korea, I am finally admitting to myself it is quite a Proper Hostel, it has a full kitchen, breakfast and many nice people, it is really what a Hostel is should be.

I call the majority of Hostels in Europe,
“FlopHouse Hostels.”

Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
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Flophouse Hostel
A cheap place to sleep where people drink all night and return drunk to flop on a dorm bed.
- Amsterdam Photos by Andy of
- Your flophouse hotel survival kit by Rolf Potts

“The definition is a house or apartment (usually apartment) where substance abusers stay to party and abuse drugs and/or alcohol.”
Kids is a 1995 American drama film

“the flophouse was the epitome of urban squalor, a place where the drunk, degenerate and down-and-out packed themselves into reeking cubicles devoid of light, air and hope.”
New York Times

“Party Hostel” may be a better description of the European Flophouse Hostels I have encountered in Europe, I will always remember the ones in Amsterdam as some of the most uncomfortable places on the planet, you would have to be drunk to enjoy them.

A “Proper Hostel,” has a kitchen with a stove, not just a microwave and a fridge for beer, but the complete cooking supplies, including a spatula which is always missing, a truly great hostel will have small food lockers, whereby we can store food and not worry about late night pilferage. I am starting to realize the best Hostels are more or less student “Workingmen’s Hotel” for world traveler, not just locals.

When I am in a proper Hostel, there are less tourist with backpacks, and more people either studying or working in the new city before they go out to find an apartment. Many people will move to a big city, hang out in a hostel, go to work then when they finally get the job and their life sussed out, they rent an apartment, either alone or with someone they met in the Hostel.

Here in Korea, there a many people who are Teaching English or studying the Korean Language. South Korea seems to be the last place on the planet for a person seeking a Party Hostel environment.

I have nothing against a good Flophouse Party Hostel if this is what I was looking for, however I when I am on the some of the major Hostel Booking site like I know the reviews has nothing to do with quality of life, more to do with the rating of the party. A reasonable and intelligent review process of Hotels and Hostels should have questions that helps you either avoid or find what you wish in life, not just help a few select type of Hostels or Hotels to thrive. A friend of mine commented,
“it is interesting how on the expensive hotels get good reviews and some really great cheap ones always collect the bad ones.”
T.. from California, he wants to be anonymous I guess.

There is an art to finding a “Proper Hostel.”

Nobody comes to Korea to party, this may be the worst party country on the planet, and for sure one of the most expensive, it is Europe without the Drunks.

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A Proper Hostel

Korea Hostel is Europe without the Drunks