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How to Prepare for a Taiwan Typhoon

2008-09-12 19:58:00

How to Prepare for a Taiwan Typhoon
I said in prior post,

Typhoon Sinlaku is supposed to be here soon, nobody seems to excited here in Taipei, Taiwan.”

However, they do seem to be taking some precaution I was not aware of until this morning here in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taipei, Taiwan
Saturday, September 13, 2008
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I am in the TaiwanMex Hostel here in Taipei, Taiwan, hostels are normally some type of Home transformed into a small dormitory with a few single rooms. There is normallya shared shower because we are in a Home, not a Hotel, therefore the showers and toilets situations can be quite novel.

I woke up this morning, took my great big beach size towel, wrapped it around me and went for the shower. (Note, I would under no condition use one of them quick dry towels.)

Hmm, the shower stall seem to be roped up, and tied down the eighth floor balcony deck in preparation for Typhoon Sinlaku. I truly do not know, it may have already past, it is still windy, rainy, and blustery though, I guess I can sleep through a Typhoon.

I guess I need to go look for Raul and ask him,
“Will the shower blow off the roof if I untie them to take a shower?”

Or worst yet,
“Will it blow away with me in it showering?”

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How to Prepare for a Taiwan Typhoon