How to Plan for Africa Map

How to Plan for Africa Map
If you are planning a trip to Africa, then I recommend you study this map that shows which countries colonized various countries.

“The purpose is to get a feel for possibly better air transportation route choices to and from Africa, & to see quickly the language ties resulting from the colonization of Africa during the previous 150 years or so, and it's influence that still lingers today.”
- Eric

Seoul, South Korea
Monday, September 29, 2008
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CLICK on the map to see a bigger map.

I have visited French West Africa three times, I have never visited the English countries even though it should be easier to travel in the countries like Kenya and South Africa. Visas, Money, Language, Transportation, Import / Export, everything works easier if you find the mother country and plan your way towards Africa.

I wish to thank Eric for contributing this map he made, it is a great asset to the WayFinding Maps page. This page is becoming one of the shining stars of

How to Plan for Africa Map

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