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Growing Up as a Traveler

Growing Up as a Traveler
As I look back on my 10-11 years of travels my understanding of has changed. I am no longer a man out living some adventurous life whereby I scrimp, save, tough it out to see the world.

Khao San Road - Bangkok, Thailand
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
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I still scrimp, save and tough it out, when I need to...

Nothing has changed dramatically with my travels, my life is about the same as it was 10-11 years ago when I started. The quality of my living conditions has changed over time, it is funny, it has nothing to do with money, it has only to do with the lessons I learned about travel.

I know how to choose the best hotel quickly, and transform my room into a better room by a few adaptations.

I do not tolerate bad Hotel management, bad buses, bad travel agents, or any other tourist related person or company.

What has changed from when I first started to travel is my perspective of how I need to travel. I thought I had to endure the trials and tribulations relations of the traveler. I thought it was required that I torture myself, that it was rights of passage that I needed to pay to travel the planet.

I still have to take some really torturous trips, deal with bag managers of hotels, and want to slap clueless travel agents for trying to rip me off for plane tickets.

However, when I started, I asked for problems. I believed I needed to endure and tolerate these people. I am happy I know I am wrong, there is not true need to give the time of day to bad people or companies of the world. You enter and the moment you realize you made a mistake, you leave, you do not give them the benefit of the doubt, you do not be nice, you do not be tender and caring.

I only get out of life what I expect.

I see many travel blogs bragging and dreamily explaining their travels as if their travels are some exotic life, nobody on the planet will ever experience. Where do they go, they go to Thailand, Guatemala, Peru, Australia and Europe, which means they went where hundreds of thousands of people have already gone.

Do people really want to hear the world as seen filtered and edited, no reality to bite you in the face?

I remember when I thought one years travel was a lot, now I do not consider a person even on the road until they have been outside their country for at least three years.

I have accepted I am at home, I am doing what I do in life, I travel the planet and enjoy my life.

My daily goal is to live nice, enjoy the day, and to avoid the ugly of the world..

Growing Up as a Traveler