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Fingerprint Identification in Thailand

Fingerprint Identification in Thailand
I am from the USA, security is lax, normally there is almost zero compared to the rest of the world. I was rather amazed to see this space age type fingerprint identification at a Apartment Complex here in Thailand.

Rangsit, Thailand
Thammasat Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Monday, September 8, 2008
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This is a good thing, and a bad thing, seen as we were entering an Apartment complex where large rooms cost 150-200 US Dollars per month in a brand new building what do I see,
“Fingerprint Identification Security System.”

Now, I am not sure, some would say this is good, and I would maybe say it is bad. No security means a place is so safe you do not need a guard or machines like this, while extreme security mean the place is dangerous.

This is ten time better than in Manila, Philippines where guards are walking around with machine guns.

I believe in many way, Thailand has to be the cheapest country that can give you all the developed world conveniences. I would not say Thailand is developed, I still see a lot of people pissing on the streets, and the rules of law are not enforced.

Thailand is an extremely safe country, however, I am still always wary, I know the more security I see, the more dangerous the country.

Of course I am from Indiana, not New York City, so I am not sure what they do in New York City, I am sure they lock the doors.

Note, we looked at 8 apartment complexes near Thammasat University, every one them had provisions whereby you could have Internet in your room. I truly believe Tourist Hotels specialize in giving the least amount of benefits for the maximum amount of money.

Fingerprint Identification in Thailand