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Exploring the World Slowly

2008-09-01 23:58:00

Exploring the World Slowly
I have now walked over to the same small market here near Thamasart University about 10 times. It is very small with two 7-11's in very close proximity, however this is normal in Thailand.

I was strolling back and as I passed a bus stop, I thought to myself,
“If I was a normal tourist, I would have already learned everywhere those bus goes.”

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Monday, September 1, 2008
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I was talking to Jeroen, my travel agent in Bangkok as he outlines a possible trip to the Middle East, something like eight countries in less than one month.

I said,
"I cannot do that, I do not even like those countries and it is too quick."

I remember sitting in Riga, Lativia listening to a USA boy say,
“I visited 19 countries in 17 days.”

Such is life of the Summer Vacation tourist in Europe.

I am walking back slowly to my Apartelle, I am looking at some houses that are squatting on what appears to be swampland. This is interesting to me, I truly am curious to understand how the world thinks, and how they live.

I am wondering, maybe I am now visiting what the average person would say is boring, nothing, nowhere-ville Thailand. I feel like a hermit walking around in my own solitude, I talk to about the same number of people as I do on Khao San Road, as I do not really have desire to talk to people there. Here I have made a couple of say hello friends in the a Market.

I walked farther, a man said,
“Where you go?”
“Bye nai Kalp?”

I thought to myself, oops be nice, say hello, that man is just being friendly, this place is so different than Khao San Road, where when they ask, where you go, they only want to make money, this guy wanted to be friendly.

Exploring the planet slowly, I realize for me, there is no other way. I am planning a trip to Korea and Japan, I will only be in each country about two weeks, normal for me is two months. I feel negligent, I would love to spend two months in each of those countries, however I have no clue if this is possible, I do not know if I can afford to live in these countries cheaply.

I have decided some of the expensive countries on the planet I will visit and take a lick, if they are good, I can return later and take a bite.

I really have nothing better to do, then just stop and look around, I have realized the world is big, I will never finish it, it is not possible to understand the whole world, maybe I should say,
“I am enjoying the world slowly.”

Exploration is a strange word, it seems to mean something new, however really it is only the exploration that happens in me that is new, the world for the most part has been explored already for hundreds of years.

Exploring the World Slowly

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