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English Teachers on Midnight Run

2008-09-21 22:09:00

English Teachers on Midnight Run
ChrisR has been writing emails about the pros and cons of Korea, today he used a new term, the “midnight run.”

Seoul, South Korea
Monday, September 22, 2008
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“Midnight run,” in which you secretly gather up your belongings and high-tail it back home."

This is for English Teacher who are in South Korea on a contract and need to break the contract because they have had enough, truly contracts made in other countries are funny.

NOTE: (Korea and Taiwan pay 1500-2000 plus U.S. Dollars per month to teach English, I guess you need to graduate from College and be a native speaker. If a person worked one month, they could go to Thailand and live for one years on and Island.)

Yesterday was a pain, today is not doing much better, I thought I would just stay in the over-priced Hotel I was in for 28,000 whatnots. I went down to the free breakfast and could not find it, than two more times I went to the desk to pay for the next night. Well about noon I get a call telling me it is time for me to check out.

Korea is challenging Europe for the pain in the butt travel awards. I am not even going to explain the crazy problems I had to find these Hostels and Hotels, I will say, never take a taxi, only use the subway and have the address in the Korean Language or SNAFU will be enforced.

I know I should relax and try to enjoy, however I am already hiding in this new room, playing on the internet and thinking about Japan, one stop closer to Bangkok. It would not be so bad, if food was not so lousy and expensive.

Here is what ChrisR has to say today.

Hi Andy,

Lol. Seoul is overwhelming, no? In my experience, it wasn’t rewarding at all. And I tried hard to find things to like about the city because I was stuck there. I could point you to some outdoor markets to walk around in, but with your travel experience those would likely seem boring and generic. Lets face it, they are. The better outdoor market is Namdaemun though. But still, not great. I don’t think that’s your interest anyway. The unique food options were the best part of Seoul/Korea for me.

Anyway, if you do decide to stick it out in Korea a bit, I would recommend going to the coast, however, its like 5 hours from Seoul by bus. At least where I went. Probably not terribly exciting on your own either. Definitely hit a bookstore and just take some notes from a lonely planet book about some options. I really am not the guy to best steer you on stuff outside of Seoul. Remember though, outside of major cities were talking sparsely populated small towns, but maybe a more authentic Korean experience. It wont be Thailand fun but maybe more like walking through a museum. If you want to stick w a smaller city, try Pusan.

There’s a reason more ESL teachers make midnight runs from S. Korea than any other location.

Good luck,


I do not need to make a Midnight run, I did not reserve a room or contract a job, I am a free bird and have a plane ticket that can be changed whenever I wish, I am still trying to make the best of a tiresome place to travel. I am now in a Hostel full of younger people who look dazed...

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