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2008-09-14 16:27:00

I have seen a term used often to describe travel rooms,

I find this term a pre-meditative desire to be ambiguous, to even use the term seems ludicrous, as I truly believe the world,
“Cannot be bothered.”

I found an extremely curious and appropriate categorization in the online Encyclopedia for this French phrase.

Taipei, Taiwan
Monday, September 15, 2008
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If you search for “en-suite” in, you will automatically arrive with NO “disambiguation” arrive at the word BATHROOM. Quite hilarious to me, I think we should more appropriately use the world classification and sincerely pretentious.
“la toilette”

Anyway you do in Wikipedia you end up in the Bathroom, or if you are a seasoned traveler and tired of having the Europeans annoy you, you will finally capitulate and stop saying the word “Restroom” or “Bathroom” and replace it with "Toilet.”

I like restroom, not so harsh, however for he sake of disambiguation I use the word “Toilet.” now because it is globally understood.

I truly believe the word “En-suite” belongs in the Toilet with all the other too vague and confusing terms in the global world.

So what does en-suite mean? Still not too clear to me, however I believe the use of the term is analogous to the USA people using the term “Restroom.” We really should not use this term in a global world, it is un-clear to the world, we need to use the word “Toilet.” However, I think the Brits have somehow hooked on to this Frenchie word, and use it to describe something…, I will never use the terms, except when I am speaking French where it is appropriately used.

So if you are curious, go to this page that I think may explain it, however take care, they lost me… hehehe


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