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Do Not Walk in my Bed

2008-09-25 16:27:00

Do Not Walk in my Bed
Removing Shoes in Asia tradition, I heard a clue here to why Asian often do not want shoes in their homes. In Asia a person is often required to remove their shoes at the door.

Seoul, South Korea
Friday, September 26, 2008
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There is a need for heat in South Korea, in the past they would elevate the floors and build fires under the building. They would sleep on the warm floor where it was warmer and not want people walking in their bed.

Traditions often cannot be explained by locals, however traditions can be enforced violently. They are not a big problem, more of an annoyance, and I do my best to accommodate unless they interfere with my traditions or morals. For example, I am not going to treat women as servants or objects just because the local men feel women are furniture.

I tend to feel that sleeping on the floor is the essential reason people do not want you to wear shoes in homes. Plus if you realize in tropical areas, in the past there was only one room, the bedroom and all cooking, living, and eating was done outdoors.

This tradition is slowly disappearing, however there are many individuals who still maintain traditions long after there is value for no reason.

Here is a tradition of Nepal explained.

Do Not Walk in my Bed