Dial 1330 Korean Translation Taxi Help

Dial 1330 Korean Translation Taxi Help
There is this nice tourist service in Seoul, South Korea that is really needed, however I have not figured out any way to use it. You can dial 1330 and they will talk to you in English and then can tell a taxi driver in the Korean Language where you wish to go.

Problem, the Mobile Phones in South Korea do not seem to work for the Europeans or Americans.
Seoul, South Korea
Sunday, September 28, 2008
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If you want to drop some money, make life easy, I believe you can rent a phone at the airport to use. Plus they alos sell phone everywhere in this country, however, I have no idea how to buy the SIM card, or use. There is nobody in the Hostel or Hotel that has a Cell Phone that is working, however I met an English Teacher who ask me,
“Do you have cell phone?”

Always a strange question for a person who just arrived from the airport with two bag and plane check in tickets still taped on his bag.

I would never use an American phone in another country, unless I was on 500 US Dollar per day budget.

My solution to all transportation problems has been to use only the subway, and no other form of transportation. It may be possible at the Airport to say, “InsaDong” and get to this major tourist trap street. There are many hotels in the area, and one Hostel, the Hotels go from 30-40 US for backpacker grade, and you can rent a dorm bed for 20 U.S. More or less the same as Europe or a little cheaper for the single rooms.

There does seem to be buses to Insadong from the Airport, which would be faster than the Subway for 9000 Korean whatnots or about 9 US Dollars. It arrived in front of a YMCA, you would get out, turn right and walk to Insadong, find the Tourist Information booth and beg for mercy.

Insadong is the Center of the Backpacker Universe for the Anguk Area, however lets be real, this is 100 percent tourists with backpacks here in this area, it is not a Backpack Ghetto, it is a tourist trap Ghetto.

There are four acceptable Hostels or Hotels near Insadong, however I have no idea how to explain to get there. I will say, if you read the Lonely Planet and it says get out exit 4, this doe not mean the fourth subway stop. What they mean is there are many doors leading out of the subway, you need to find door number 4 and leave so you are pointed toward the Hostel area, you more or less walk down hill pass a temple thing and take the first left.

Arrive early in the day, and beg for mercy, no taxi will have a clue where you are going, so get a map and hope to arrive to the Hostel or Hotel before the sun goes down.

Map, it is the only way and plan on a lot of walking, note that you really could or should have a two wheel cart in South Korea, it is competing with Europe for the most amount of exercises countries of the planet.

If a person truly wanted to wander around this country, I think the only reasonable way to do this would be to go to the Banana or Seoul Backpacker Hostel, hang around for at least 10 days, absorb as much as possible, then venture out.

The only person I know for sure who went anywhere outside of Seoul was a man with a Korean Girlfriend, all the others are people are just doing some type of Metro Hop Tours of Seoul.

I have not found any traveler here without a welcome wagon person or organization of some sort of person that greased the wheels. I feel to backpack this country, you must learn the language to travel with the least amount of confusion. Or you can be like most travelers of the planet, have many problems and deny it was difficult.

Dial 1330 Korean Translation Taxi Help