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2008-09-16 16:03:00 Screen Sharing
What does Andy of do when I have small computer problems that just seem to baffle me?

I ask Boy Genius from India to help me, however he is in India, and I am in Taiwan. We use a program called that allows him to remotely get on my computer and fix my problems.

Taipei, Taiwan
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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I learned many moons ago, do not play with computer configurations, do not download programs, do not play with the computer. I know very well if I have computer problems out here in the wilderness where no English to be spoken countries like Taiwan, I would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

If I needed my computer worked on here in Taiwan where they speak Traditional Chinese, I would not even be able to explain the problem to them.

I have finally conceded, I must have a great backup of my computer, I now have a 250 Gig Hard drive, because in the end with truly huge “Blue Screen” problems I would be on the plane to Thailand or the USA to purchase a new computer.

However, for a few simple baffling problems, a good TRUSTED computer friend, associate, or employee could help with

Real Examples:

I had some pesky adware on my computer, little advertisements that act like viruses and pop up on my computer.

Boy Genius was able to get on and remove them.

I added an extra Gig of memory to my computer, my computer now become so hot I can burn my hands or it shuts down.

Boy Genius has got on the computer two times using to try to throttle or slow downs the processes on the computer.

Well, I have been the receiver, never the fixer, I tried to get onto Boy Genius’s computer, however it did not work, I have no idea why.

I truly wish it was possible for me to get onto my Mother and Fathers computer using this program. It would be very useful, however this program is too complicated for them to use.

However, for the executive that is bright, however pays people like an IT person to learn all this un-needed knowledge, this program is great. I guess you can say, if you are good at computer, however not super good, will allow your super good friend to access you computer with the least amount of problems.

There is a pool of people on their site that will also help you, I vacillate between a good idea and a bad idea. It is truly dangerous to allow the wrong person to touch your computer. The more complicated problems is 90 percent of the people who think they can fix a computer, really are also clueless.

NOTE: I have thought about it for year, most people buy new computer because their computer become slow. I will take this time to recommend another program that Boy Genius turn me on to and I use DAILY.

Why, it is because your computer is dirty.

The solution is to download this free program called,

It will clean you program,

PLEASE uncheck the one about,
Or you will be typing in all your usernames and passwords because it will clean up where you do not want cleaned. would be a good way for you Son or Daughter to get on your computer and configure complicated programs like you should be using, however just do not understand.

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