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Connecting to Internet in Seoul Korea

2008-09-22 05:44:00

Connecting to Internet in Seoul Korea
Is Seoul South Korea one of the most connected cites on the planet?
Maybe, or maybe not.

I have been told for the last couple of year that Seoul, South Korea is one of the most connected cities in the world. What does this mean, I have a few hunches and opinions, however read some headlines about Seoul, South Korea Internet.

Seoul is one of the most "connected" cities in the world

WiBro Blankets Seoul With High-Speed Internet

Four in five homes have broadband, commonly enjoying speeds of between 20 and 50 Mbps.

Seoul, South Korea
Monday, September 22, 2008
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I have a wireless computer, I have a Canary WIFI Wireless Internet detector, I can sniff out and find connections. First thing first, to be internet exciting to me, they need to have ubiquitous connections and be unsecured, this means no password needed.

This is my Canary Wireless WIFI Internet connector, it tells me if there are connections and if they are secure or unsecured. I would not recommend this, truly better to get a hand held palm computer with a WIFI connection to see if it “really” work. and many unsecured signals now have opening pages and you cannot access.

This is the number of available signal in my Hostel, however there does not appear to be any city wide connections all appear local, however I am not sure, nonetheless the only good connection is coming from inside my Hostel.

Seoul Korea as best I can discover, is about the same as any other metropolitan city except for one major difference. If I was in the USA there would be about the same number or signals, however all would be secured or I would be locked out.

The advantage of Seoul, South Korea appears to be they trust each other and do not secure up their internet access, other than that, this is just about the same as the average large city.

The connections are not stable and is difficult to use, and they signals tend to jump from one WIFI signal to another.

Connecting to Internet in Seoul Korea