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Busy is Good and Slow is Bad

2008-09-24 15:45:00

Busy is Good and Slow is Bad
I have calmed myself down, Seoul, South Korea is in many ways the same as the USA, they look Asian, however all are crazy busy.

Seoul, South Korea
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
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In my opinion, the first world countries have a dreadful problem and I see no solution. They believe busy is good and slow is bad, a person that is doing five things at one time is considered high status, while a person that sits around is low status.

Everyone in Seoul seems insanely occupied with the business of doing something, the same as the people in the USA, Europe and probably Australia, although I have never been to Australia.

I do not talk with South Korean people, I have no way to talk with Korean people here in Korea, there is no place I know of other than a bar to meet them socially. I did meet them in Taiwan, and I think maybe if I went to China, Singapore or Hong Kong and stayed in Hostels I would meet Korean people maybe. They are many in the Philippine and Thailand however they seldom talk with the non-Korean people.

I have however slowed myself down, retracted completely into the Hostel social life, and just walk around outdoors to look at Korean people in a window shopping way. There is no way to take taxis, the only easy form of long distance transportation is the subway, however there is nothing relaxing about getting on the subway, more less leads to the “busy is good and slow is bad” mental confusion, therefore I am also staying away from the subway as best I can.

Many of the tourist in the Hostel also have this mental problem believing “busy is good and slow is bad,” therefore when they get out their five map, two guidebooks and start to say,
“you must do this, and you must do that.”
Well, I know they are have the malady, and I avoid them.

There are very few must in life that bring happiness to my life, I am 100 percent postive there is no must see in Travel, it is insane to give yourself an order,
"I must see this,"
"Who are you and why are you give me orders, what give you the right SELF."

I almost left Korea for Japan, and I thought to myself,
“meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
Japan could be worst than Korea, or probably just the same.

Look hard for me to avoid, this “busy is good, slow is bad” mentality is an addictive behavior malady, society truly enforces this norm, they can totally ostracize and berate anyone how is sitting around doing nothing all day reading a book or talking, while looking at old things I do not care about is considered of great value, while talking with people from all over the globe is considered lazy.

I have talked for hours now with Japanese people while in Taiwan and Korea, I tend to believe when I get to Japan the conversations will stop. I talked more with Korean people in Taiwan than I do here in Korea.

Korea is like the wheel in a Hamster Cage, if you are not thinking, you can climb in the wheel (subway) and start running nowhere.

High density of people per square kilometer is a sure sign of the existence of Hamsters.

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Busy is Good and Slow is Bad