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Backpack Tailor

2008-09-03 20:06:00

Backpack Tailor
Yesterday, I finally made the shell or body of my Windmill Backpack design, I now have one Backpack that is 20 percent finished.

I will go to Taiwan on the eleventh of September, I truly need a Backpack that is up to minimum standards for a travel Backpack.

Rangsit, Thailand
Thamasart Rangsit University Apartment Hotel
Thursday, September 4, 2008
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Here is the minimal shell of the Backpack I am trying to design and make, and so far, I am very happy. I now have a backpack to use for my trip to Taiwan, Japan, and Korea.

As you can see, this backpack so far is very simple looking and I hope it remains that way as I add the other 80 percent of features and benefits. A Travel Bag needs to be smooth so it does not catch on airport luggage carousels, door handles, bus doors, people, and any other sharp object. It cannot be wider than the human body or walking becomes a problem, I am not out in the wide open outdoors, I am on planes, trains, buses, and automobiles.

The material is a 500 Denier Ripstop Spectra fabric, very durable and similar to Kevlar. The zipper pull is the Padlock type, however the end product will have YKK Hasp Zipper pulls.

This is the person who sewed up this bag, it is truly amazing how fast this bag was sown together. I would guess he spent less than two hours just making this shell. However, I had already cut all the parts, engineered them and stayed right with him while he was sewing.

This is the shell or body of the backpack, more or less this is like making a racing car, I think you need to make the body, then add all the features and benefits slowly so you can see how they will look on the actual frame.

I have learned many lessons about designing my own bag, I now know for sure what a person needs is a tailor, not a bag maker, but a tailor. The man above is not a tailor, he does not make clothing, he repairs clothing. I more or less was the tailor, I cut all the pieces and he sewed them together.

I have had zero luck with allowing any company to cut the pieces, they just are not capable of engineering a bag. Companies that make backpack, copy backpacks, they very seldom actually make a new backpack. The workers in the Backpack Factories are not skilled labor, they are people who repeatedly sew the same pieces many times per day. There are few designers of backpacks on the planet.

I now have a system for making the first sample that is working, this has taken me years to work out. In the end, to make a great backpack, I must learn everything about being the Tailor for a Backpack.

I guess I am finding another career.
“Backpack Tailor.”

One of the reason I am traveling presently to Taiwan, Korea, and Japan it so search for the perfect fabrics to use on this backpack so I can produce the first 100 finished products.

Backpack Tailor

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