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Advertise in Japan

2008-09-19 23:02:00

Advertise in Japan
I am using Google to advertise our Hotel site called in Japan and also China.

I have many experiences with translators and know they are not to be trusted. Heheheh

Taipei, Taiwan
Saturday, September 20, 2008
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A young man in the TaiwanMex Hostel assisted me in Translating this small advertisement in to the Japanese language.


Free Hotel Advertisement
USA Internet Website
Contact American Tourist



It is a very taxing job, even though the young Japanese man tries to help the best he can, I know I cannot trust his translation fully. He must also understand the intention of my advertisement.

I am a lucky man here, I can feel and see in the person eyes if they understand me, I instinctually know how close they are too a good translation.

I know this one is only about 70 percent conveying my intentions, so I still need to refine the advertisement and test it until I achieves my goal.

This is the job of a marketing perfectionist, a truly difficult to accomplish task, to advertise cost effectively in a second language.

Advertise in Japan