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2008 September 30 Enter Japan leave S Korea

2008-09-29 20:38:00

2008 September 30 Enter Japan leave S Korea
I am now in Fukuoka, Japan, I left Seoul Korea this morning and after a one hour flight I have quickly arrived and settled into a Hostel in Fukuoka, Japan.

Seoul, South Korea
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
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I am here in Fukuoka and not Tokyo because Fukuoka is at 33 degrees above the Equator and Tokyo is at about maybe around 35, I am trying to get back to the tropics. I am 10 degrees above the tropics of 23.5 degrees above the equator and I am afraid of the cold.

Fall is here in Korea and Japan, I would say these two countries have a climate closer to Georgia or even Florida or California, however as far as I am concerned, these states the USA are freezing, I need the tropics soon or need to go below the Equator where summer is coming fast.

Plus Tokyo has as about 12 million people and Fukuoka has 1.5, so less crowded in a very crowded way.

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2008 September 30 Enter Japan leave S Korea

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