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2008 September 11 Enter Taiwan Leave Thailand

2008 September 11 Enter Taiwan Leave Thailand
I flew from Bangkok to Thailand on a China Air flight that is part of a round trip ticket with a stop in South Korea and Japan and returns to Thailand.

Taipei, Taiwan
Thursday, September 11, 2008
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The ticket is great, I can change the dates as many times as I wish in one year, so I am not strangled by the ticket, I cannot change the path though.

Taiwan is great, I am in a Hostel called the, I was here before and the Husband Wife team Raul and Magos are great, they have a son Raulito or little Raul running around a five year old and full of energy. There are two separate building, I am the one where the family resides, nice to see a family.

Raul is from Mexico and Mago is from Taiwan, ergo the Taiwan-Mex or Taiwan-Mexico.

I have my own private room with WIFI, and life is good, not sure on the prices exactly, will figure that one out and explain. Very good location next to the Main Taipei Transport Station so in the center of the city of wagon wheel.

2008 September 11 Enter Taiwan Leave Thailand