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2008 Enter South Korea Leave Taiwan

2008-09-20 17:45:00

2008 Enter South Korea Leave Taiwan
I am in the Taiwan Airport, an airport that will make sure you know you do not speak or read Chinese.

I will get on a China Air flight from Taiwan to Seoul in about 30 minutes, I had a good time in Taiwan.

South Korea will be a new country for me, I have not been there before, and number 78.

Taipei, Taiwan
Sunday, September 21, 2008
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It will be interesting in Korea, from studying the maps in the PDF Lonely Planet chapter on Seoul, it appears that there are more travelers and tourist in Korea. I have decided to get off at the Anguk Metro stop and find a room when I get there, I just could not trust clearly any of the comments I read in the book or in to get a reservation. I despise reservation and always think of getting reservations as a great way to,
“Reserve a crappy room.”

I now know on the map four Hostels or Hotels to visit, and I suspect that are many more. I will arrive around noon, so plenty of time to find the ideal Hobo Hideout for me. The four I know of must all be with in sight of each other, and this make life good when looking for a Travel Room.

I almost refuse to arrive in a country in the afternoon or evening, it is just too silly of a move.

Note, Korea is supposed to be one of the most Wirelesss Internet connected countries on the planet, I am not sure, but I will give a report soon.

2008 Enter South Korea Leave Taiwan